COVID19 Message

February 23, 2021


 Dear Customer;

 We are reaching out to all our customers to keep you up-to-date with our most recent changes. Like all small businesses right now we too are struggling amidst the COVID19 pandemic and have taken huge steps to overcome this adversity. We have relocated our office to the region of Niagara and closed our office in Stoney Creek, Ontario.

 Business is being conducted through our website and in-person calling, 1-800-560-6680 toll free telephone line and 716 area code Upstate, New York. Nobody planned for the uncertainty we have endured over the past 15 months, the lockdown for nonessential business, and the halting of major sport leagues across the world. This being said, we continue to think positively about the future of sport and know it will be bright!

  After 27 years of business we are adapting our business and recently developed a new website to meet your officiating needs. There will be weekly discounts across all sports with drastic cuts in pricing to save you money. 

 Keep us in mind if you have any questions or need a specific product, “One Call Does It All”.


Keep you and your family safe,


Herman J. G. Murphy

General Manager