CFL16 CFL Rain Shirt

CFL16 CFL Rain Shirt

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2” stripe black CFL style with stand up collar (adjustment to tighten)

Cuffs velcro strap so make cleaner fit on the wrist and sleeve

Black Sleeves, Black pocket

Woven waterproof pullover shirt 100% polyester great for washing

Sizes small, medium, large, Xlarge, 2XL, 3XL , 4XL

This is not a jacket.

IN order the description of the pics and features.
  1. Pic one is the stand up collar feature rain will not penetrate the back of the collar
  2. Loop on the front of the chest for lanyard style whistles. 9 inch zipper.
  3. Whistle hangs perfect for look and practical useage
  4. Armhole grombits for air flow technology
  5. Our adjustable wrist Velcro closure allows larger arms to make that adjustment
  6. Back of neck adjustment for larger or small necks to adjust with elastic closure
  7. Waist adjustment also in elastic to make smaller waist comply with cleaner look.
  8. Rubber inside lower shirt to keep shirt in place.
  9. The overall shirt is not a jacket , simply an alternative to bulky jackets. Great in the summer and fall type weather to keep you in the game.